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#Інтерв'ю 25.03.2019

The Restaurant “Sea Grill”

Senior administrator of the Sea Grill restaurant Ivan Shakhov about open kitchen, brewery and the best way in Odessa

About the kitchen

Our restaurant is a European cuisine based on grilled dishes. You can order fish, meat and other seafood delicacies that our chef will prepare for you on an open grill overlooking the sea.

I advise you to pay attention to the display case with the freshest fish – flounder, mackerel, dorado, sea bass, sturgeon, seafood – a real variety of tastes.

My favorite dish is the warm quinoa and shrimp salad. The groats are fried with pesto sauce and vegetables, after which shrimps are added and an incredibly delicious dish is obtained – a real discovery of our restaurant.

Our chef Nika was trained in one of the best schools in France – “Ferrandi Ecole de gastronomie de Paris” and presents a cold shop in our restaurant – salads, snacks, desserts.

Apart from excellent cuisine, we have the best view in Odessa. Only we are in a special place – on a hill with a wonderful view of the promontory and the sea.

About our own brewery

We have our own smokehouse and brewery, which is located in the restaurant on the floor below the terrace. We brew four types of beer – light, light unfiltered, wheat unfiltered light, semi-dark beer.

It is important to note that our beer was highly appreciated by environmentalists, which means that we have achieved the highest quality indicators.

All our equipment is German. Malt, yeast – also from Germany. And our brewers have experience in this country.

About our own confectionery shop

I would like to mention the cold cheesecake made from two types of chocolate. Just imagine a crust made of almonds, and on it – mascarpone with two types of black and white chocolate. It’s incredibly delicious.

I also recommend trying the lemon tart on a shortcrust pastry crust.

About the restaurant

Our restaurant has a very cozy atmosphere and delicious quality food – this is our most important advantage.

We also have our own playground with our own animator. It is open not only for the visitors of the restaurant, but also for everyone.

About Manezh

I can say with confidence that our guests pay attention to the terrace, thanks to the Manezh company. I confess that I have shared your contacts more than once.

Our restaurant has Mediterranea pergola systems, the side openings of which are closed with Refleksol systems. As a result, there is a lot of space, which is not disturbed at all when the systems are lowered. They are made of a special transparent material called Crystal!

It is very pleasant that the whole hall is regulated from one remote control. I like that everything is convenient, functional and beautiful.

I would also like to express my gratitude to the design studio “Beletazh”, the architects of which implemented the solutions of the Manezh company.

Using the capabilities of the pergola, Yuri Belikov and Yuri Maykhopar have successfully integrated into the Sea Grill the desire to be closer to nature and the desire to enjoy the cosiness of the premises.

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