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#Архітектура 25.03.2019

A visit to Mr. Zuma restaurant

Manezh.ua visited Mr. ZUMA restaurant of modern Japanese cuisine in Kiev. Director of the restaurant , Andrey Sunko, told us about the peculiarities of Japanese cuisine, unusual design, as well as about the terrace, which has been transformed thanks to our pergola awnings.

Сhef’s craftsmanship
The restaurant presents Japanese contemporary cuisine. That is why our chef Lloyd Roberts is one of the best in the world. We deliberately negotiated with him for a long time, after that we invited him to join us. Previously, he worked for the world famous NOBU restaurant chain in New York, London, Budapest and Moscow.

At our restaurant you can find extraordinary products that are very difficult to find in Kiev. For example: blue sweet shrimp, blue lobster, marbled Japanese veal. All products are brought to our restaurant by direct flights from America and Japan.
About the dishes
We cook some dishes on the “rabata grill”, which is a Japanese three-level grill on an open fire. On the first level, meat or fish is sealed and baked at a high temperature, leaving all the juices inside. On the second level, the product is cooked thoroughly. On the third level, juices are smoothly distributed over the meat or fish.

My favorite dish is tiger prawn popcorn served with a spicy garlic chili sauce. This is such an incredibly tasty hit of our restaurant.

About design

The entire restaurant is divided into three sections. At the entrance we find ourselves in the first hall, a lounge area, where guests can start their evening as well as finish it. The bar offers incredible cocktails from London-based mixologist Daren Sam, whom we have specially invited to join us for the cocktail list. He’s known internationally for making cocktails for Lady Gaga and for developing the London Cosmo cocktail for the TV series Sex and the City.

The light is always dim in the lounge area, which means you can relax and have a cocktail or smoke a hookah. In the next room we see an open kitchen – from the sushi bar to our famous rabata grill.

The main room is quite light and is located along the open kitchen. There is a VIP-room with a separate table for tastings -chef-table. Especially for guests the chef will offer to taste the most gastronomic things in our restaurant.
About the terrace and pergola awning from Manezh
Manezh helped us create a magnificent terrace. A sliding roof in the pergola allows guests to look at the sky on a quiet, warm evening and make wishes while watching the falling stars. In rainy weather, wrapped in a blanket, you can hear the sound of large drops knocking on the roof, smoke a hookah and feel the unity with nature.

Also, it is worth mentioning Refleksol side door closing systems, which will make guests feel comfortable on a hot day.

In case of strong winds, by closing the side openings, you can safely continue to relax on the magnificent terrace with hot tea or aromatic coffee, knowing that you will definitely return to this place soon.

The specific of the site is that the entire system (both the roof and side openings) is controlled by a special remote control. There is no need to open or close anything manually – everything can be done with one button. It is very convenient, we can say that it is a completely different level of comfort.

Atmosphere in the restaurant

I would advise guests to come at lunchtime or in the evening. At midday, the room is very sunny, there are flowers on the tables, and the chefs prepare incredible dishes. In the evening, the restaurant takes on a velvet veil and transforms. A modern mix from our residents is played and the restaurant is filled with beautiful music and succulent smells.
We also have a separate smoking room with a bar counter and a sofa. There you can smoke a cigar with a proper cognac or other drink, smoke a hookah or a cigarette.
We create masterpieces here so that people don’t just come for a meal, it’s important to us that guests get emotions from the food. That’s why we always suggest ordering dishes at the table, so that you can taste as many unusual combinations as possible and enjoy the food as it should be.

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