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Pergolas "M-Ocean / LITE" Sigma

Terrace system with a sliding roof for protection against the sun and light rain.
It does not imply an organized water drainage from the edge of the pergola and the possibility of closing the side openings. Only manual control is possible.

Standard sizes: 5×6, 3×6, 5×4, 3×4.

– high wind resistance of the system (up to 6 points by the Beaufort scale – strong wind);
– robust support structure made of extruded aluminum;
– several modules can be installed in series and the pergola can be adapted to different terrace sizes;
– possibility to adjust the roof slope angle from 5° to 15°;
– the roof fabric is firmly fixed in a special groove of the aluminum inclined beams with PVC inserts;
– the segmental design of the roof allows an easy repair or replacement of only damaged areas;
– standard drainage systems can be installed to effectively drain water from the front edge of the pergola roof;
– possibility of optimal placement of tables on the terrace in a cafe, restaurant;
– the roof fabric is supported by strong aluminum cross-sections and is smoothly gathered by neat folds;
– adjustment of the shading level of the terrace thanks to the sliding roof.

Design options:
Pergola adjacent to the building façade. The guide elements are fixed to the existing structure. The supports are installed on a horizontal support base. Ceiling or wall mounting is possible.

Complex S
A separate single gable pergola installed on a horizontal base with the help of support struts.

Individual offer:
– adjacent to the facade on special fasteners – cables;
– cantilever arrangement of the support chute (offset struts).

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