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M-OCEAN Pergolas at M1 Club Hotel

Location Ukraine, Odessa
Client M1 Club Hotel
Implementation date - Summer
Product M-OCEAN

The first M-OCEAN pergola designed and manufactured by our company MANEZH was installed on the terrace of Odessa Club Hotel M-1.

M-OCEAN Pergola is a functional and stylish sliding roof system designed to protect outdoor terraces of restaurants, cafes, hotels, private houses from the sun and rain.

The design of M-Ocean pergola is characterized by its high wind resistance:
from 8 to 10 points on the Beaufort scale.

Built-in drainage system allows rainwater to be drained to the base of the support struts.
The one-piece sliding roof is hot air-soldered. A special system is used to prevent rainwater from leaking through the side edge of the fabric.

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