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Side awning Paravento

Panorama is an aluminum construction of a frame glazing system, the panels of which move vertically.
The system uses laminated glass (triplex) 4×4 mm or tempered glass with thickness of 8 to 10 mm.
It is automatically controlled by Somfy electric drive (France).
A “warm series” of the system is available.
It can be used as a fence (balustrade) – the bottom glass is always fixed.

Maximum size: 4×3,5 m (for a two-panel system)

– closing of large size openings;
– regulation of the fresh air inflow by changing the positions of the glazing panels;
– high wind resistance (up to 9 points by the Beaufort scale – strong storm);
– tempered glass with a thickness of 8 to 10 mm is used in the systems;
– modular installation allows you to adjust the height of the glazing;
– easy to install as well as to use.