Outdoor windproof fabric roller blind with forced fabric tensioning for shading small medium and large size openings. It is used for arbors, terraces, window and doorways of private houses, restaurants, cafes, hotels and for building facades.

– Reduces the temperature inside the space by 5-7 degrees, allowing you to save on air conditioning (installation outside)
– Promotes the penetration of diffused sunlight and reduces the need for artificial lighting.
– Does not cut off the outside space, while at the same time limiting the view inside the room.
– Protects from insects, dust, debris and wind blasts.
– Special Screen Soltis fabric has fungistatic properties – it repels dust and dirt and is highly durable.
– High wind resistance thanks to special ZIP fabric fixing system (up to 7 points on the Beaufort scale – strong wind).
– Manual or automatic control is possible.
– A stylish solution for facade design and an additional advertising medium for cafes, restaurants, hotels or shops.
Indoor installation is allowed.
Maximum size is 4.5×4 m.