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An ideal solution for protecting facades and surfaces with non-standard configurations from the sun, regardless of their location.

– Extruded aluminum supporting structure ensures complete wind resistance of the system.
– Up to 93% of thermal energy is dissipated on the surface of the blinds and remains outside the room.
– Rotating lamellas regulate the level of light in the room.
– Installation outside and inside is allowed.
– Manual or automatical control including an electric drive, a remote control, weather and time sensors.
– A fine design makes the system an additional architectural element of the building facade.

Types of lamellas used for inside installation:
• wooden, plastic and aluminum lamellas – 50 mm;
• aluminum lamellas – 89 mm.

Types of lamellas used for outside installation:
• wooden lamellas – 74 and 138 mm;
• aluminum lamellas – 75, 80, 88, and 145 mm.