LITE Solutions

Pergola Sigma
Pergola of the Lite line – Sigma. A sliding roof system allows you to quickly create a cozy lounge area on the terrace and protect it from sun, light and moderate rain*.
In the case of using the system in cafes and restaurants, standard sizes allow optimal positioning of seating, as well as an easy extension of pergolas in increments of 2 meters.
The design of the pergola does not make the system completely airtight. When it rains, water goes to the side.
– Wind resistance up to 50 km/h.
– Manual control.

Pergola Sota
Inclined pergola of the Lite line – Sota, with a fixed stretch roof. It is used to protect terraces from sun and rain. The cantilever roof design enables draining of rainfall from the terrace and closing of the side openings with Screen Spectra Zip system. This will help create a real comfort on the terrace.
The modular design adapts the pergola to different terrace sizes. The quick and easy installation of the system saves you time during the installation phase.
– Wind resistance up to 80 km/h.
– Fixed roof.

Pergola Sweet
Pergola with a fabric roof, made with light sags.
The Sweet Pergola serves to protect from the sun and can also act as a decorative element for weddings and other events, as it allows you to create a cozy, airy and attractive space for shooting or relaxing. An accompanying decorative element can be curtains, terrace furniture, flower pots.
The mobility of the system and standard dimensions of the design allow you to quickly create a cozy nook near the house or pool.
– Wind resistance up to 50 km/h.
– Manual and cord control.
– Optional: second layer of decorative stretched fabric on the roof to diffuse light

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