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#Інтерв'ю 25.03.2019

Vyacheslav Balbek about himself and the profession of architect

Manezh.ua team met with the famous Ukrainian architect Slava Balbek in the office of his company “2B Group”. We talked about the Ukrainian mentality, the most useless object in the apartment, as well as the profession of an architect, in which Slava feels like a fish in water.

About myself and the profession of architect
I am a man who loves my country, a family man and an architect.
Being an architect means creating the history of the city, influencing people’s everyday life. For me, it is not a profession, but a whole life – a job that brings pleasure is not a job.
The profession of an architect is so broad that you can do everything from picking out forks and spoons to creating an urban landscape. I am directly engaged in the construction of private houses or design for apartments, offices.

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